States seeking greater autonomy is not being less Indian: Siddaramaiah


Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, who has been projecting regional pride as a poll plank, on Friday put out a Facebook post vociferously arguing for greater autonomy for States in policymaking and the right of States to have markers of identity such as their own flag.

With India transforming from union of States into a federation of States, the Chief Minister said, “The States need greater autonomy to run their economic polices, borrow internationally as long as they convince the lenders of their creditworthiness, build the infrastructure of their choice without depending too much for licences from the Center, and design programmes of their choice.”
Defending the decision to own a State flag, in his Facebook post, Mr. Siddaramaiah said, “My identity as a proud Kannadiga is not inconsistent with my identity as a proud Indian. In Karnataka, when we speak about primacy to Kannada, argue against imposition of Hindi language, or call for adoption of a State flag, we are confident we are contributing to building of a strong India; for, a confident nation is confident about the individuality of all her daughters.”

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