Farah Khan Says Filmmakers Are Storytellers, They Shouldn’t Be Defined By Gender


Talking about the REEL Movie Awards nominees, Farah Khan said, “I think directors are directors and they all have stories to tell. If you remove the name of the directors from these films, who is to say that a woman did not direct Mukti Bhawan and a man did not direct Lipstick Under My Burkha.”

Farah Khan is one of the few women filmmakers to break into the cliquish boys club of Bollywood. She makes big budget films with A-listers and often takes home crores of rupees for them. Khan has never made a woman-centric film, but her female characters have strong screen presences and important roles to play.

The filmmaker said that she is happy that more women-centric stories are being told nowadays and hoped that in the coming years, more movies on women will be made. However, Khan also added that she has always believed that gender should not be a deciding factor for any film (unless it is a gender-based film). In fact, the filmmaker said that the gender of a filmmaker is also irrelevant. Above all a filmmaker is a storyteller, so whether he is a man or a woman is not important, Khan said.

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