Chicken Biryani -The favourite Indian dish


Biryani, which when cooked perfectly, can turn into a dish par excellence. Loved by all food lovers across the world, this traditional recipe represents the rich culinary heritage of India. This easy to make chicken recipe is perfect for special occasions and can be prepared quickly with ingredients easily available in your kitchen like garam masala, chicken, saffron( kesar), ginger, garlic, basmati rice. If you want your Chicken Biryani to be more aromatic, you can dry roast the spices before preparing this easy chicken recipe. Chicken Biryani recipe can be cooked in various innovative ways and you can also add your own innovations to it! This royal delicacy is prepared using a balance of spices and meat cooked with rice in perfect proportions and it tastes best when cooked in low flame, this actually makes the chicken pieces more tender, aromatic and juicy. So put in a little bit time and energy of yours in making this delicious Indian dish by simply following the given steps below and relish this delectable recipe. Wish you a happy meal!

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