2018 Apple iPhones: What we know so far


The rumours around Apple’s 2018 iPhone models have been boiling ever since the iPhone X came out last year in October.

Several reports have suggested about the company’s iPhone lineup for later this year. While these smartphones are far from being confirmed, here is everything that we know about these rumoured devices based on the leaks and analysis on the web.

Like last year, Apple will be having a complex line up this year as well as it is said to launch three iPhones. One of them is said to be the next-gen iPhone X while the other two may come as the successors to the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus.

There are certain reports online indicating that the iPhone X may get retired as soon as the next-gen iPhone X and the other two models hit the market. It is said that lowering the price of the iPhone X won’t make much sense for Apple so it might just stop the production of the particular device.

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